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With superiority in global resource and strength in R&D intelligence, YPH is determined to be a leading enterprise in fine phosphorus chemicals industry in Asia-Pacific region.

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Yunnan Phosphate Haikou Co., Ltd. (YPH) is a Sino-Israeli joint venture which established in October, 2015. With a registered capital of 1.3 billion RMB, YPH is cofounded by two giants that outstand in Chinese and Israeli chemical industry: ICL and YTH.

Phosphate Industry Chain The joint-venture between YTH and ICL has created YPH, which, in the future, will bear the mission to promote ICL products in China on its shoulders.Relying on the sound foundations laid by the shareholders in the fine phosphate chemical industry, the company has established an all-in-one industry chain from mining and floatation to the R&D,production and sales of fine chemicals such as phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilisers.
Phosphate Mining
Haikou Phosphate Mine, which situates at the joint boarder of Kunming City and Anning City, is a subordinate of YPH, which enjoys abundant reserves of phosphate resources. With more than 50 years of development, the mine has become a modernised entity whose functions include mining, scrubbing and floatation. With its current mining capacity of 3.5 million to...
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The Production and Sales of MGA and WPA
YPH’s subordinate, 3C Chemicals owns 2 HH method MGA extraction units, capacity: 700,000 tons; 1 HDH MGA extraction unit, 8 concentration units, total capacity 585,000 tons and a 150,000-ton MGA aging unit.
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Production and Sales of Fertilizers
YPH’s subordinate, 3C Chemicals (formerly ‘Yunnan Fertiliser Company’) was founded in 1972, &the first company to utilise wet-method MGA to produce high concentration compound phosphate fertiliser in China.
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    YPH Products
    Upon the establishment of the JV in 2015, the company has made an integration of management model, technology, resources, productivity, etc., and has realized a new round of leaping development. Through the integration, the company has optimized the whole industrial chain of phosphate, consisting of four major sections: commodity fertilizer, specialty fertilizer,semi-specialty fertilizer and products under R&D.
    07 2017-06
    JV by ICL and YTH to Become the Leader in Fine Phosphorus Chemicals in Asia-Pacific Region
    Source:chinanews.com, Kunming, 12/10/2016, by Ma QianOn 12/10, Yunnan Haikou Phosphate Co., Ltd., a joint venture cofoun...
    07 2017-06
    Phosphorus chemicals Industry to Construct Revolutionary Technology System
    “The use of ecological recycling technology to transform current phosphorus chemicals technology system in the world for...
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